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Title :Anisotropy of Elastic and Plastic Properties for Dislocations in Crystalline Materials
Authors :MOTOHASHI, yoshinobu
Issue Date :8-Sep-1978
Abstract :The anisotropic elasticity theory of infinitely long straight dislocations is used to study elastic and plastic properties of crystals of different structures and its application to a circular dislocation loop and an edge dislocation wall is considered. Elastic energy, dislocation parameters, reaction energy and stability of dislocations in rhombohedral crystals are analyzed and the relation between the choice of slip systems and the dislocation energy is considered on the basis of the criterion of minimum dislocation energy (C.M.D.E.). The choice of slip planes for Bi, Sb and As depends on the number of covalent bonds per unit area contained in a slip-interplanar spacing, the covalent bond density ρB, and the most easy-slip plane is determined as a plane with the smallest value of ρB. On the other hand, the direction of slip for these crystals can be detennined by C.M.D.E. The slip systems of Hg are fairly well explained by C.M.D.E.. Stability of dislocations is examined by the inverse
Type Local :紀要論文
Publisher :茨城大学工学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/10109/4767
Citation :茨城大学工学部紀要 no.12 p.53 -131
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