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Title :好酸球分化における新規インターロイキン-5受容体の役割の解明
Title alternative :Roles of interleukin-5 receptors on eosinophilic differentiation
Authors :石原, 研治
Authors alternative :ISHIHARA, Kenji
Issue Date :9-May-2011
Abstract :好酸球は気管支喘息などのアレルギー疾患の病態の進行に深く関与するエフェクター細胞である。インターロイキン -5 (IL-5) は好酸球の分化・成熟に必須なサイトカインであるが、分化・成熟した後の好酸球にも作用し、同細胞を活性化したりアポトーシスを抑制したりする。これまで IL-5 のターゲットとして IL-5Rα (variants 1, 4) 鎖が同定され、IL-5 の作用はすべてこの既知 IL-5Rα 鎖を介し発揮されるものと考えられていた。しかし、IL-5 が好酸球に対し分化誘導作用を発揮する分子メカニズムに関しては既知 IL-5Rα (variants 1, 4) 鎖では説明できない。本研究では新たなレセプターを探索した結果、ヒト IL-5 レセプター (IL-5R) α 鎖の 2 つの新規 splicing variantsを見いだし、variant 7 (AB288089) および variant 8 (AB288090) と命名して遺伝子データベースに登録した。
Chronic allergic inflammation including bronchial asthma and atopic dermatitis is difficult to treat and the number of patients suffering from such diseases is increasing, probably reflecting environmental changes to life style. Eosinophils are one of the cells that play a critical role in the pathogenesis of allergic diseases. In bronchial asthma, eosinophils increase in number in bone marrow and peripheral blood, and accumulate at inflammatory sites in response to various kinds of cytokines and chemical mediators. Studies have demonstrated the mechanism by which eosinophils prolong their survival, infiltrate inflammatory sites and release granule proteins. However, the mechanism behind the differentiation of stem cells such as CD34+ cells into mature eosinophils has not been clarified. Clarification of this mechanism is important if one is to understand the generation and maturation of white blood cells, especially myeloid lineages, and may contribute to the development of novel medications for allergic inflammation. Inhibition of the differentiation toward the eosinophil lineage might be useful for the control of allergic inflammation as a preventive measure. In this study, two novel receptors for IL-5R are identified, and named as variant 7 and variant 8.
Type Local :科研等報告書
Publisher :茨城大学
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/10109/2599
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