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Title :食教育を現在の学校教育に定着させるための教育方法の検討
Title alternative :A study of the way to take in food education on school education
Authors :西川, 陽子
Authors alternative :NISHIKAWA, Yoko
Issue Date :8-Jun-2011
Abstract :理科教育の応用学習教材として食教育を組み込む可能性を探るため,理科及び家庭科の授業で扱える調理実験及び食品分析を主とする体験的学習教材の検討を行った。その結果,食品の加熱調理と低温保蔵をテーマとした体験的学習を行うための基礎データを集積しまとめることができた。また,体験的学習の教育効果について知見を得る目的で,高齢者及び小学生を対象とした実地調査を行ったところ,年齢を問わず理解と学習意欲の向上が見られ,小学生の食教育では家庭科教育の始まる高学年よりも前からの積極的導入が望ましいと考えられた。
To investigate the possibility to apply food education to the science subject, we studied teaching materials of experience study based on the theory of food science, which can be used on both subjects, home economics and science. As a result, we could clarify changes of food ingredients in cooking and cold storage and arrange the data for teaching materials. Besides, we researched on the way of food education for elderly people and elementary school children for the purpose of gaining useful knowledge about effectiveness of experience study. It was suggested that experience study could be associated with deep understanding and motivation for learning, consequently it was recommended to try experience study including cooking and cooking experiments from the third and forth grade before starting home economics on food education in elementary school.
Type Local :科研等報告書
Publisher :茨城大学
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/10109/2596
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