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Title :Vulnerability evaluation of soil material simulated river bank material in torrential rainfall
Authors :MUNEGUMI, Tomomitsu / KOMINE, Hideo / YASUHARA, Kazuya / MURAKAMI, Satoshi
Issue Date :Nov-2008
Abstract :In recent years, average monthly precipitation is decreasing while daily rainfall intensity increases. Additionally, the frequency of heavy downpour in the last 20 years is the highest over the past century of which two months from August to September are paid attention. The possible effect of this trend on global warming is high. Damage of river bank by torrential rainfall occurs in many parts of Japan, and river bank of the Tenryu River was burst after a record heavy rain in Nagano prefecture in July 2006. Specifically, influence of river bank by torrential rainfall and seepage from river water are apprehended. Moreove r, behavior of partial saturation on river bank is not grasped circumstantially, so vulnerability evaluation of river bank is ne cessary in torrential rainfall. However, there is a multitude of infrastructure such as river bank all over Japan, and it is inefficient to check the vulnerability on all river banks b y laboratory tests. Moreover, soil properties vary in each area of Japan, and local soil material of the area where the river bank is to be sited is used for construction . Consequently, this study performed water retentivity test of soil simulating seepage process in river bank by using representative soil materials from river banks from each area of Japan. From the result, the authors compared soil -water retentivity curve and one dimensional deformati on characteristics of soil material in seepage process and evaluated vulnerability of river bank in each area.
Type Local :会議発表論文
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/10109/1485
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