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Title :冷温帯・亜寒帯林における菌核の形成・蓄積と微生物風化
Title alternative :Study on distribution of sclerotia in cool-temperate and sub-alpine forest soils and fungal weathering
Authors :坂上, 伸生
Authors alternative :SAKAGAMI, Nobuo
Issue Date :7-Jun-2017
Abstract :研究成果の概要(和文):本研究は,菌核の分布量や化学特性に基づいて土壌風化ポテンシャルとの関係を推察し,菌核形成と土壌生成との関係を明らかにし,土壌-微生物-植物間の相互作用を考察することを目標として実施した。秋田県仙北市のブナ林表層土壌では,土壌性状と鉱物風化の関連を示唆するデータを得た。また,複数地点の土壌各層位から採取した菌核について化学性を調査した結果,特に下層から研究される菌核の外殻側でのアルミニウム富化が認められ,菌核形成菌の活動と鉄・アルミニウムの吸着が示唆されるなど,風化ポテンシャルと菌核分布との関係性を示唆する知見を得ることができた。研究成果の概要(英文):Sclerotia of ectomycorrhizal fungus Cenococcum geophilum (Cg) can be preserved in forest soils for long period. In this study, we studied the distribution of Cg sclerotia to discuss the relationship between sclerotia formation and fungal weathering. Through SEM-EDX measurement of Al and carbon contents in the transverse cell wall and dating of AMS 14C ages, it was suggested that Al content of sclerotia at initial stage might be low. However, in some cases, there was a possibility that sclerotia contained relatively high amount of Al from its initial stage, or, its Al content increased due to decomposition of carbon of its cell wall. Al content in sclerotia was likely to be regulated by soil chemical properties and by microbial activity to dissolve metal elements from soil minerals. From these results, existence of sclerotia may infer some process of fungal weathering of the forest soil.
Type Local :科研等報告書
Publisher :茨城大学
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/10109/14249
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