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Title :不耕起栽培畑地土壌の物質循環系メタゲノム解析
Title alternative :Metagenomic microbial community composition and its relation to biogeochemical carbon cycling in no-tilled upland soils
Authors :太田, 寛行
Authors alternative :Ohta, Hiroyuki
Issue Date :4-Jun-2017
Abstract :研究成果の概要(和文):本研究の成果は、慣行農法である耕起栽培にはない不耕起栽培土壌の特徴として、団粒構造の発達と土壌炭素隔離機能の向上に加えて、土壌生物性の特徴を明らかにした点である。すなわち、不耕起栽培では、ミミズと糸状菌のバイオマスの顕著な増加、糸状菌と細菌の群集組成の変化の詳細、細菌群集の多様性の増加、団粒内での細菌グループ(特に、Acidobacteria)の微視的棲み分け、が明らかにされた。これらの結果は、大気二酸化炭素の上昇を抑制する農法として、不耕起栽培の特性を微生物学的に示したものである。研究成果の概要(英文):The outcome of this research was to reveal the impact of no tillage vs. conventional tillage systems on soil biological properties, aggregate stability, and carbon sequestration function. Particularly, this research showed that comparing with the tillage system, no tillage management increased the soil biomass of earthworms and fungi, altered soil fungal and bacterial community structures, increased soil bacterial diversity, and induced the formation of microhabitats for specific bacterial groups such as members of the phylum Acidobacteria within soil aggregates. These findings will contribute to a better understanding of relationships between soil microbes’ microhabitats and carbon cycle in agriculture ecosystem and further represent environmental merits of non-tillage farming, comparing with the conventional tillage cultivation.
Type Local :科研等報告書
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/10109/14246
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