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Title :遊泳魚と底生魚の共存に対応した粗石・魚巣配置の最適化手法
Title alternative :Optimization method for placement of blocks and fish nests considering coexistence of swimming fish and bottom fish
Authors :前田, 滋哉
Authors alternative :Maeda, Shigeya
Issue Date :2-Jun-2017
Abstract :研究成果の概要(和文):農業用排水路の魚巣と魚溜のような環境配慮工の最適な配置を決定するため,基礎研究を行った.魚巣のみが設置された排水路(単独水路)と,魚巣が魚溜と組み合わせて導入された水路(併設水路)を対象に,水理観測を行った.乱流特性と魚の消費エネルギーを魚巣,魚溜,その他(対象区)で比較したところ,魚巣は多くの乱流特性において乱れが最も小さく,魚の休息場として有効であることが示唆された.また,流れのシミュレーションと生息場適性指数モデルを組み合わせ,魚巣,魚溜での底生魚と遊泳魚の生息地適性を比較した.研究成果の概要(英文):Basic research has been conducted for determining optimal placements of eco-frinedly physical structures such as fish nest, fish pool, etc. in agricultural drainage canals. Hydraulic variables have been observed in a section of drainage canals with fish nests and that with both fish nests and a fish pool. Comparisons in turbulence characteristics and estimated fish energy expenditure at the fish nest, the fish pool, and control revealed that the fish nest had the least turbulent conditions regarding most turbulent characteristics. Since the fish energy expenditure was significantly lower in the fish nest and the pool than in the control, it could be concluded that these eco-friendly structures certainly work as resting areas for fish. Suitability for both swimming fish and bottom fish were also evaluated by combining numerical simulation of flow in the canal and the habitat suitability index model.
Type Local :科研等報告書
Publisher :茨城大学
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/10109/14245
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