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Title :エネルギーを自給する農山村とエネルギー・リローカル化の計画・設計手法の開発
Title alternative :Development of planning and design approaches to formation of energy self-support system and energy re-localization in rural area
Authors :小林, 久
Authors alternative :Kobayashi, Hisashi
Issue Date :2-Jun-2017
Abstract :研究成果の概要(和文):第一に,農村地域の家庭の電力と熱の需要モデルを作成し,次に再エネ生産と建物別エネルギー需要推計に基づく需給バランス分布図作成を通して,農山村にエネルギー自給可能な領域が少なくないことを示した。農業生産に関してはバイオガス発電併設のエネルギー自給型畜舎の可能性を検討し,機器構成・運用方策を示した。また,アンケート調査によるDR受容率の推計,削減可能量の推計手法開発により,DRのピークカットの可能性と有効性を明らかにした。これらの成果により,農山村における「自給型のエネルギー需給」の可能性,再エネ利用型地域づくりおよびエネルギー・リローカル化の枠組み・方向を示した。 研究成果の概要(英文):Energy Demand Model of household in rural area was formulated. Then, areas where demands can be self-sufficient with renewable energy resources in the area were identified referring the Model and renewable energy development planning. In addition, we examined the possibility of energy self-sufficient type livestock barn with biogas power generation facilities and clarified a feasibility of barn construction and operations. Furthermore, a possibility and availability of Demand Response (DR) were studied based on questionnaire survey, through development of estimation model of DR acceptance rate and an approach to grasp a possibility of reducible quantity. Applying the model and the approach, we clarified DR was an effective option for decentralized power system planning and design. Referring these study results, the framework of Independent Energy System, possible direction of effective renewable energy resources use and energy re-localization in rural areas was indicated.
Type Local :科研等報告書
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/10109/14242
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