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Title :ナノ傾斜構造化複合表面改質によるドライ摺動アルミニウム合金の開発
Title alternative :Development of wear-resistant aluminum alloy by multilayer coating with gradient hardness at nano-scale thickness
Authors :中村, 雅史
Authors alternative :Nakamura, Masashi
Issue Date :12-Jun-2017
Abstract :研究成果の概要(和文):本研究の目的はUBMS装置による成膜工程のみでDLC膜とAl合金の密着性を向上させ,苛酷環境に耐えるドライ摺動Al合金を創製することである.まず,UBMS成膜条件が膜の硬さや弾性率や成膜速度に及ぼす影響について明らかにし,Al合金上に膜厚及び硬さをナノレベルで段階的に制御した硬度傾斜AlN膜,硬度傾斜AlCrN膜を成膜できた.次に,中間層に硬度傾斜AlN膜,最表面にDLC膜を成膜したAl合金は,低摩擦係数を示し,摩耗寿命が向上することを明らかにした.さらにDLC/AlNG皮膜が疲労強度信頼性を低下させないことを明らかにした.以上から,本研究で開発したAl合金は摺動機器等への利用が期待される.研究成果の概要(英文):The purpose of this research is to improve the adhesion between the DLC film and Al alloy by only in the film depositing process by UBMS equipment and to create Al alloy which can withstand harsh environments used at dry sliding.First, we clarified the effect of UBMS film depositing conditions on film hardness, elastic modulus and film depositing rate, and could be deposited hardness gradient AlN film and hardness gradient AlCrN film with film thickness and hardness controlled step by step on Al alloy.Next, it was revealed that Al alloy having a hardness gradient AlN film as the intermediate layer and a DLC layer on the outermost surface shows a low friction coefficient and wear life is improved comlared to DLC having no gradient AlN film. Furthermore, it was clarified that the DLC/AlNG film does not lower the fatigue strength reliability. Based on the above, the Al alloy developed in this research is expected to be used for sliding machines component.
Type Local :科研等報告書
Publisher :茨城大学
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/10109/14238
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