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Title :気候変動適応策の有効性と限界
Title alternative :Possibilities and limitations for Climate Change Adaptation
Authors :田村, 誠
Authors alternative :Tamura, Makoto
Issue Date :15-Jun-2018
Abstract :研究成果の概要(和文): 本研究は、沿岸域災害と農業を対象に、適応策の有効性評価手法を開発し、それに基づく「適応の限界」と有効性の特定を試みた。沿岸域では海面上昇等に伴う全球規模の浸水影響、防護費用のデータベース構築、防護効果評価、費用便益を提示し、一連の分析枠組みを確立した。さらに、日本やベトナムの沿岸域での脆 弱性評価、現地調査を通じて適応策の有効性と限界を同定した。農業では、カバークロップの有効性評価と最適選択(作物種選択が有機農業および化学肥料栽培での土壌および水質保全効果に及ぼす影響等)、耐熱性エンドファイトを利用した温暖化適 応作物栽培手法の開発、などの適応栽培技術の開発に道筋を付けた。 研究成果の概要(英文):This study examined effectiveness and identified limits of adaptation to climate change, focusing the impacts of coastal disasters and agriculture. With regard to the coastal disasters, we globally (1) assessed impact of sea level rise and high tides, (2) constructed database for protection cost, (3) evaluated effectiveness of adaptation, and (4) analyzed cost benefit analysis of adaptation. We also identified effectiveness and limits of adaptation in Vietnam and Japan with impact/vulnerability assessments and fieldworks. Multiple strategies harmonized with local ecosystems were proposed to protect the area against climate change induced events. With regard to agriculture, we (1) investigated effectiveness of cover crops and planting methods (the ability of summer cover crops to reduce nitrogen leaching and the effect on the yield and food quality), (2) developed the cultivation procedure of the plant using heat-resistant endophyte, which can be adapted for global warming.
Type Local :科研等報告書
Publisher :茨城大学
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/10109/14048
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