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Title :フルオロフィリック効果を秩序構造形成の駆動力とする含フッ素n型導電性高分子の合成
Title alternative :Synthesisi of fluorine-containing n-type polymers taking highly-ordered structures due to fluorine-fluorine interaction
Authors :福元, 博基
Authors alternative :Fukumoto, Hiroki
Issue Date :22-Jun-2018
Abstract :研究成果の概要(和文):環状ペルフルオロアルキル基の「フルオロフィリック」効果と多環π共役系の「π-πスタッキング」の相乗効果を秩序構造形成の駆動力とする、全く新しいタイプの含フッ素n型導電性高分子材料の開発を目的として、Mallory反応を用いた含フッ素フェナントレン、フェナントロリンの高効率合成を達成した。クロスカップリングによる含フッ素n型導電性高分子化を行い、固体中では、上記の相互作用に基づく自己集積化が起こり、高秩序構造を形成することを見出した。研究成果の概要(英文):In this study, we investigated a new approach to the synthesis of fluorinated phenanthrene derivatives using Mallory reaction (irreversible photocyclization of diarylhexafluorocyclopentenes). We also synthesized fluorine-containing copolymers expected as n-type organic semiconductors. All the copolymers showed good solubility in typical organic solvents and had high thermal stability at approximately 400 °C in Ar atmosphere. UV-vis spectra of Phenanthrene-type copolymers in chloroform showed pi-pi* transition peaks at 380 nm and 354 nm, respectively, and additional shoulder peaks appeared at a longer wavelength in the film cast on a quartz plate, suggesting the molecular assembly of the polymer molecules. The copolymers showed photoluminesence (PL) in both chloroform and the film. XRD patterns of the copolymers gave a sharp peak around 19 °, indicating that the copolymer molecules took highly-ordered structure in the solid state.
Type Local :科研等報告書
Publisher :茨城大学
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/10109/13994
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