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Title :中国古医籍が日・韓・越の伝統医学形成史に与えた影響の書誌学的研究
Title alternative :A bibliographic study about the influence of Chinese old medical books on the history of formation of traditional medicine in Japan, Korea, and Vietnam
Authors :真柳, 誠
Authors alternative :MAYANAGI, Makoto
Issue Date :17-May-2010
Abstract :研究成果の概要(和文):漢字文化圏4国の古医籍約28000種の書誌データを調査し、定量分析した。その結果、日韓越は明代の中国南方で著された医書をモデルとし、自国化した体系を形成していたことが知られた。これは今日まで未知だった歴史現象である。当歴史観は各国で共有が可能であり、今後の相互理解と交流を進展させるだろう。 研究成果の概要(英文):The bibliography data of about 28,000 kinds old medical books written in four countries of the cultural sphere of Chinese characters was investigated, and the quantitative analysis on them has been done. As a result, it was known that Japan, Korea and Vietnam had formed their own system after medical books written in the south China of Ming dynasty as a model. This is an unknown historical phenomenon up to now. This historical view can share in each country, and will advance mutual understanding and the exchange in the future.
Type Local :科研等報告書
Publisher :茨城大学
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/10109/1386
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